The birth of my artwork has always and still, begins with personal intrigue, frustration, and a deep desire to question, investigate and critique social situation and the pre-established concepts of Gender, Sexuality, Intimacy and Affect. I have always been interested in our emotional relationships with material connections and the experience of objects which surround us in social interactions.

We live our lives through a series of situations. We follow schedules, take certain directions and navigate through spaces filled with material forms which dictate our movements and our interactions. It is these everyday habituated actions which I am most interested in and how Art can call attention to these situations and actions. Therefore my work makes very intentional and direct references to objects, furniture, foundations and the material compositions of domestic settings or larger institutional settings which ultimately contribute to the perception of our own identities and individuality.

What if we re-configure or re-organise those pre-established material relationships which make up our surroundings?

What if a bed did not have two sides and therefore removed the option to turn away from a loved one?

What if a doorway wasn’t the divide between spaces?

Would the outcomes of social situation be different?